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College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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College of Science and Mathematics Dean's Office Directory

Dean's Office

College of Science and Mathematics
Faculty Offices East 229C (Map link)
California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407-0400 USA
805-756-2226 | 805-756-1670 FAX

Faculty and Staff Contacts

Printable COSAM full-time faculty and staff roster (pdf) This roster includes remote access contact information for the departments and college offices. 

The People of the Dean's Office

Name Title Office Phone Email
Dean E. Wendt Dean and Professor of Biological Sciences 25-229B 805-756-2226
Derek Gragson Associate Dean 25-227 805-756-7154
Kellie Hall Associate Dean 25-231 805-756-1776
Camille O'Bryant Associate Dean 25-232 805-756-1787
Ashley LeForge Administration Assistant 25-229A 805-756-1619
Sharon Arnold Personnel and Resource Analyst 25-229D 805-756-7303
Cassie Stevenson Personnel Analyst 25-229C (805) 756-1655
Emi Youngquist Budget Analyst 25-229C 805-756-1667

Frost Fund

Name Title Office Phone Email
Phil Bailey Director of the Frost Fund 25-120 805-756-5712
Ruzena Brar Coordinator for the Frost Fund 25-228 805-756-6534


Name Title Office Phone Email
Kathryn Dilworth Assistant Dean of Advancement and External Relations 25-238 805-756-1040
Rachel Henry Public Affairs and Communications 25-237 805-756-7236
Tony Turretto Digital Communications Specialist 25-224 805-756-1579

Computing Support Team

The Computing Support team offers technical assistance to all faculty and staff in the College of Science and Mathematics. For more information, visit the Computing Support web page.

Name Title Office Phone Email
Colby Bell  Information Technology Consultant, CSM 180-331 805-756-2786
David Sexton Information Technology Consultant, CSM 180-331 805-756-6659
Alan Gravlee Information Technology Consultant, CSM 180-331 805-756-6254
Arthur Huebner Information Technology Consultant, Operations Supervisor, CSM Computing Support 180-331C 805-756-6030
Tom Randall Information Technology Consultant, CSM Dean's Office 53-310 805-756-5224
Warren Watkins Information Technology Consultant, School of Education 02-113B 805-756-2083

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