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College of Science and Mathematics

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College of Science & Mathematics 10th Annual Student Research Conference

May 11, 2012

Contact: Professor Elena Keeling

Math student Joseph Horton with findings on ocean temperature warming.
Photo by Professor Jon Shapiro

SAN LUIS OBISPO -- Cal Poly’s College of Science and Mathematics is hosting its 10th Annual Student Research Conference May 12 and 13. More than 160 students are presenting posters or talks on topics ranging from breast cancer risk factors to sex differences in rattlesnake brains to health-promoting compounds in wine to Autism management to trapping atoms for quantum computing. The conference celebrates science and our students. By discussing their faculty-supervised research with inquisitive audiences, our students gain the experience they need to become professional scientists.

College of Science & Mathematics 10th Annual Student Research ConferenceSchedule of Events Spring 2011                             
Thursday, May 12: Poster Reception, Fisher Science Lobby & 33-285    5 - 7p.m.

Friday May 14: Welcome 9:25 a.m.
Oral Presentations Session 1  Building 33-285            
9:30     Anniken Lydon: Using Pyrosequencing technology to elucidate gene flow between populations of Laminaria digitata kelp along Svalbard and mainland Norway
9:45     Dana Duke: Nuclear Physics is NIFFTE!
10:00   Emily Conklin & Jewels Lee: Dietary Patterns in Relation to Sleep and Stress in
            Cal Poly Freshmen
10:15   Matt Holding: Altered Navigational Demands Induce Changes in the Cortical Brain Region of Free-ranging Northern Pacific Rattlesnakes (Crotalus o. oreganus)
10:30   Casey Allard: Analysis of the 2008 Flare of Markarian 421 with VERITAS
10:45   Carolyn Ewers: Characterization of eelgrass (Zostera marina) productivity in a California estuary to help model the effects of sea-level rise on future distributions

Poster Session 1  11 a.m. - 12:15 p.m.     Fisher Science Lobby & Hallways

Oral Presentations Session 2, Building 33-285            
12:15   Daniel Murray: The Kinetic Salt Effect and Photochromism: A Physical Chemistry Lab
12:30   Grant Olson & Galen Cauble: Effect of Solvent and Cathode Type on Bulk Heterojunction ”Plastic” Solar Cell Performance
12:45   Kellan Candee: Kinetics and Reactivity of 1-Arylbiciclo[n.1.0]alkanes
1:00     Sam Meijer & Ivo Plamenac: CUORE and CUORE-0: Searching For Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay in 130Te
1:15     Mira Elnan: Design, Synthesis and Biochemical Analysis of Curcumin-Based Irreversible Inhibitors of Human Intestinal Carboxylesterase

Oral Presentations Session 3  Building 33-287            
12:15   Chris Massey: A proteomic approach towards discovering the virulence factors of cold-water fish pathogen Vibrio salmonicida
12:30   Nick Pollock: Role of Host Preference and Testosterone in the Host-Parasite Relationship of the Western Fence Lizard (Sceloporus occidentalis) and Western Black-Legged Tick
            (Ixodes pacificus)
12:45   Emily Smith: Segregation of Chromosomal Changes in Plant Polyploids
1:00     Michaela Koenig: Morphological Changes In Two Sister Taxa Of Neotoma In Areas Of Allopatry And Sympatry Along A Zone Of Secondary Contact
1:15     Julius Frazier: Snakes on the Move: Effects of Experimentally Increased Testosterone on Male Rattlesnake Movement

Poster Session 2  1:30 - 2:30 p.m.   Fisher Science Lobby & Hallways

Oral Presentations Session 4, Building 33-285            
2:30     Jaime George: Discovering predictors of success or failure during pairings of captive Morro Bay Kangaroo Rats from a historic dataset: trying to understand when no means no
2:45     Anna Kopcrak: A New Order!
3:00     Ryan Hendrickson: Potential Plastic Degrading Bacteria in Common Landfill Soil
3:15     Chelsey Johnson: Characterizing meiotic defects in Caenorhabditis elegans using RNA interference and cytology

Oral Presentations Session 5  Building  33-287            
2:30     Emily Neal: Pyroprinting as a Method to Study Variations of Population Structure in Human Fecal E. coli
2:45     Diana Shealy: Creating Quality Control Methodology for Pyrosequencing
3:00     Nero Evero: Impact of Exercise on Brain Responses to Visual Food Cues: An fMRI Study
3:15     Katie James: Restraint affects song control nuclei growth in adult male House Finches, Carpodacus mexicanus

Concluding Remarks 3:30 pm

See Professor Jon Shapiro's photos from the conference
See Professor Peggy Rice's photos from the conference



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