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Learn How to Use the Power of Storytelling to Teach Science and Math at Free K-12 Educator Workshop Saturday, Feb. 11 at Cal Poly

Jan. 27, 2012

Contact: Cal Poly Liberal Studies Department

Kendall HavenSAN LUIS OBISPO – Science consultant, oceanographer, author and master storyteller Kendall Haven will conduct a free workshop for K-12 teachers at Cal Poly on Saturday, Feb. 11, in Building 02 (The Cotchett Education Building) in room 212, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The workshop will focus on storytelling and its uses in teaching science and math in the K-12 classroom. Participants will learn how to use storytelling and stories to create an anticipatory set, to deliver content, to bring the story of discovery to life, and to present biographical stories on researchers, mathematicians and scientist to students.

“Story is serious teaching,” stresses Haven. His workshop draws on a decade of reviewing research from 16 scientific fields, from neurobiology to developmental psychology to physiology to education, as well as his extensive in-class experience working with 40,000 teachers and 270,000 students in 1,100 schools across the nation.

Haven is a recognized expert on the structure of stories, on the process of writing, and on the use of story structure in all aspects of education. His workshops offer schools and educators a unique, expert understanding of the structure and process of creative (story) and expository writing, the performance ability to powerfully demonstrate that form, and the workshop know-how to successfully teach it to students, faculty, and parents.

The Feb. 11 workshop is sponsored by the Cal Poly Liberal Studies Department. The event is free and open to all educators and Cal Poly students, but RSVPs are required as space is limited. For details and to reserve a space, contact Maureen Conner in the Liberal Studies Department at or 805-756-2935.

 Story ProofA West Point graduate who holds a master’s degree in oceanography, Haven served for eight years as a senior research scientist for the U.S. Department of Energy before delving into the studyof effective communications. He is the author of “Story Proof: The Science behind the Startling Power of Story” and several other books on storytelling. He is also a professional storyteller – a career he initially began to test communication research theories.

To learn more about Haven and his work, visit his web site at


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