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College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Honored Alumni

Students in the College of Science and Mathematics exemplify Cal Poly’s Learn By Doing motto. They leave campus prepared to make their mark on the world. Meet some talented and outstanding graduates who have taken the Learn by Doing philosophy and shaped their respective fields.


Nohemy OrnelasNohemy Ornelas – 2016

M.A., Education, 2007

Nohemy Ornelas discovered her passion for helping students early in her career. Ornelas is the associate superintendent and vice president of student services at Allan Hancock College.


Jeffrey Jasper – 2015

B.S., Chemistry, 1984

With more than 20 years experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Jeffrey Jasper serves as vice president of preclinical sciences at Revolution Medicines. Jasper was also co-founder of Altos Therapeutics, a specialty company devoted to developing pharmaceuticals for gastrointestinal (GI) disorders for which few or no treatments are currently available.


Mike Abbott – 2014

B.S., Biochemistry, 1994

Mike Abbott joined venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in 2011, where he helps entrepreneurs in the social, mobile and cloud computing sectors rapidly scale up teams and ventures. Not only is he an entrepreneur and investor but he is also a leader in engineering.

Brian Hackney – 2013

Brian Hackney graduated in 1986 with degrees in physics and electronic engineering. He worked briefly as an engineer, before pursuing a successful career in broadcast journalism. As a science editor, meteorologist and news anchor, Hackney has won 18 Emmy awards in categories from best news anchor to best documentary to best breaking news coverage.

James T. Woolaway – 2012

B.S., Physics, 1981

James T. Woolaway is responsible for many circuit-related inventions and numerous patents in the infrared field. The major improvement he contributed to the field was the development of infrared detectors that operate at room temperature, without the need for cooling.

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