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College of Science and Mathematics

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Letter from Dean Bailey

Dean BaileyAs some of you may have heard, this will be my last year as dean of the College of Science and Mathematics, and I plan to enjoy every minute of it. It’s been a great career, but it’s not quite over yet.

I did my last sound and laser light show with CO2 fire extinguishers for almost 600 incoming freshmen at WOW. This year’s class is the most academically competitive and most diverse yet.

We need to continue to challenge all of our students and help them excel. One of the best ways to do this is through student-faculty research.

Once again, we had around 200 students doing research on campus this summer. This student-faculty research leads to great opportunities for our students, like senior Samantha Bock, who did an internship with the EPA this summer after first doing research at Cal Poly.

These students and their faculty mentors need space to continue this real-world research year round. That’s why, as you may know by now, we’re building a new facility dedicated to undergraduate research.

This building will provide a much-needed home for undergraduate science and mathematics research on campus. Generous donors Bill and Linda Frost have provided the bulk of the funding, but we need your help to raise an additional $5 million. Gifts of all sizes will make a big difference. You can make a donation online or contact me for more information.

We’re always interested in where you are and what you’ve been up to. Feel free to drop me a line, and if you’re on campus, please stop by the Dean’s Office or your department office.

Phil Bailey, Dean
College of Science & Mathematics

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