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College of Science and Mathematics

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Letter from Dean Wendt - Summer 2019

Photo of Dean Wendt

On June 15 we sent 752 new scientists, mathematicians, statisticians and educators out into the world. I’m extremely proud of these talented and accomplished young people, and I look forward to the remarkable contributions they’ll make in their communities and careers.

In May, we broke ground on the new William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation. This new building will make a tremendous impact on our student-faculty research program by providing state-of-the art facilities and equipment for our students as they engage with real-world questions, discover and innovate. 

All of us in the college are so grateful to Bill and Linda Frost for their generous and continued support of our students and undergraduate research.

Many donors contributed to the Frost Center and make it possible for our students to engage in exceptional Learn by Doing opportunities. In this newsletter, you’ll read about Jim Hare and Betsy McCullough, proud Cal Poly parents who supported the new building and fund student travel to professional conferences where students can present their research findings and network with leaders in their fields.

Some of the most essential work in the college this year was taken on by our Committee for Inclusion and Equity. They are working to ensure that our policies and procedures facilitate equity and inclusion, providing resources for faculty members to infuse diversity and inclusion into the curriculum, and removing barriers to success.

It's a lively summer here with the beginning of construction on the new building and around 400 students participating in the Frost Summer Undergraduate Research Program. They will be working with our dedicated and creative faculty and staff on real-world projects such as digitizing the state’s botanical history

Thank you for all you do to make a difference in your community and for your continued support of our students and faculty. If you’re passing through San Luis Obispo this summer, please stop by the Dean’s Office or your department office and let us know what you’ve been up to.


Dean Wendt, Dean
College of Science & Mathematics

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