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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs. See below for descriptions and contact information.

Undergraduate Departments and Programs

Student retrieves research device from ocean

Biological Sciences

Students in the Biological Sciences Department gain hands-on experience in real research projects under the guidance of energized faculty. Biology majors spend most of their time out in the field collecting data or in the lab running experiments on modern equipment — not sitting at a desk — and are exposed to the full spectrum of biology career choices. The department offers bachelor's degrees in biological sciences, marine science, and microbiology.

Learn more about Biological Sciences

Students wait for reaction in chemistry lab

Chemistry & Biochemistry

Offering bachelor’s degrees in chemistry and biochemistry, the Chemistry Department prepares students to become the scientists, teachers and leaders of tomorrow. Graduates are hired in traditional as well as growing science fields — from biotechnology to polymers to pharmaceuticals to medical technology and beyond.

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Student measuring blood pressure from a volunteer riding a stationary bike.

Kinesiology and Public Health

The Kinesiology and Public Health Department offers a BS in Kinesiology and a BS in Public Health.  Kinesiology and Public Health students make an impact in the fields of exercise science, physical activity, public health, disease prevention and treatment. While earning a bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology or Public Health students experience hands-on learning and opportunities for undergraduate research with faculty members who are leaders in their areas of expertise.

Learn more about Kinesiology

Children learning about geography

Liberal Studies

Cal Poly’s Liberal Studies Department creates the teachers of tomorrow. Graduates are high-quality elementary school teachers with a distinctive edge in the arts, science, technology, and mathematics. Liberal Studies students earn a bachelor’s of science degree that puts them on the fast track to a teaching credential.

Learn more about Liberal Studies

Student engineering a robot


The bachelor’s of science degree in mathematics provides a rich and rigorous education in mathematics while preparing students for a wide range of career opportunities. Recent graduates have been accepted into doctoral programs at top-notch research universities, taken rewarding positions in industry, or pursued careers in secondary teaching.

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Student inspects contraption for research


Recently named one of the top 20 in the nation, Cal Poly’s Physics Department offers a small, family-like experience while providing a tremendous depth and breadth of course offerings, from electricity and magnetism to liquid crystals. Faculty members mentor students in a wide range of real-world research opportunities both on and off campus. Students can earn either a bachelor of arts or a bachelor of science degree.

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Student working on statistics


The Statistics Department provides excellent training for students seeking a job in statistics immediately after graduation as well as for those who wish to continue their education at the graduate level. With approximately 80 statistics majors at Cal Poly, the department has one of the lowest student to faculty ratios. While earning a bachelor’s degree, students take a mixture of courses from statistics, computer science and mathematics.

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Graduate Programs

Student collects cultures from stream bed

Biological Sciences

The Biology Department offers a Master of Arts in Biological Sciences, a master of science in Biological Sciences, and a master of science in Biological Sciences with a specialization in stem cell research.

Learn more about Biological Sciences

Students watch chemical reaction


The Chemistry Department offers a Master of Science Degree in Polymer and Coating Science through a unique program that is closely tied to industry.

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Person measuring the heart rate and blood pressure from a volunteer.


The master of science in kinesiology incorporates theoretical, scientific and practical knowledge in exercise, health, nutrition, sport and physical activity as applied in preventive, clinical, educational and commercial settings.

Learn more about Kinesiology

A Math grad's graduation cap that reads "100% Math Nerd"


The master of science in mathematics can be earned in two years or through the blended 4+1 program that leads to both a bachelor and a master of science degree in five years.

Learn more about Mathematics

High schoolers consider calculations they've made

School of Education

The School of Education is dedicated to preparing knowledgeable, skillful and caring education professionals for positions in an increasingly diverse, technologically situated society. Students benefit from strong partnerships with local schools, community colleges, and education agencies, as well as state and national organizations. The school offers three master’s degrees and several credential programs.

Learn more about the School of Education

Contact a Department

COSAM Department Contact Information
Department Office Phone (805) FAX (805) Email Website
Biological Sciences 33-281 756-2788 756-1419
Chemistry & Biochemistry 180-206 756-2693 756-5500
Kinesiology and Public Health 43A-451 756-2545 756-7273
Liberal Studies 25-125B 756-2935 756-2967
Mathematics 25-208 756-2206 756-6537
Physics 180-204 756-2448 756-2435
Statistics 25-107D 756-2709 756-2700
School of Education 02-120 756-2126 756-7422


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