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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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Mathematics Research

Continuity of Entropy for Lorenz Dynamical Systems
Students: Zoe Cooperband, Elisabeth Esquivel, Elise Mihanovich, Blaine Quackenbush, Jordan Rowley, Matt West, Erin Pearse
Faculty: Tony Samuel

Content-Based STEM Mentorship Across High School and College Levels
Students: L. Christophersen, K. Voltmer, M. Ramirez, B. Keating, V. Monteverdi, S. Jose, A. Crosby
Faculty: D. Champney

Algebraic Thinking in Elementary Grades and the Implications for High School Teaching
Students: J. Gladding, N. Linman, L. Nolte
Faculty: D. Champney

Students? Perceptions of Mathematics in High School Engineering Courses
Students: M. Ramirez-Camacho
Faculty: D. Champney

Quadratic Infinite Trees and 3-isometric Composition Operators
Students: S. Gonzales, C. Barnett, P. Roeder
Faculty: C. Gu

Growth Mindsets and After School Math Workshops
Students: G. Alvarenga, M. Kerwin
Faculty: S. Yoshinobu

Tropical Conic Duality
Students: C. Collins, C. Godar, S. Lindbloom-Airey
Faculty: R. Easton

Wins Above Replacement (WAR): Quantifying a Baseball Player's Value to their Team
Students: A. Ittner
Faculty: P. Choboter

Home Health Care Scheduling with Clustering
Students: K. Stabenow
Faculty: D. Paquin

Multi-Armed Bandit Problem
Students: A. Blackman
Faculty: P. Choboter

Flight Trajectory Prediction and Collision Detection Model
Students: A. Driedger
Faculty: P Choboter

Using Satellite Remotely Sensed Data to Understand the Responses of Terrestrial Water and Ecosystems to the Recent California Drought
Students: Nick Rubio, Jorge Stimans
Faculty: Guo-Yue Niu PhD

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