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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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Chumash acknowledgmentThe Bailey College of Science and Mathematics strives to serve the needs and rights of our wonderfully expansive community of students, faculty, staff and alumni. Being thoughtful with plans and objectives is a first step in building a diverse, equitable and inclusive community.

For some time, our college has strived to facilitate diversity, equity and inclusion, and those actions have helped create a compassionate and welcoming community. We’re fortunate to have many dedicated champions helping us build a better college. Even so, we are keenly aware that there is much more to be done to improve the experience of those in the Bailey College with historically marginalized identities.

Students, faculty and staff in the Bailey College generated a Diversity Action Plan as a road map for how we become a community where diversity is grown, equity is achieved, and everyone belongs. We understand compromising any of those essential elements for any individual compromises the health and wellbeing of everyone.

Cal Poly has prioritized the critical necessity of incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into every aspect of university operations. By doing so, we are better preparing our students to serve the state of California and beyond. The work detailed in our plan aligns our efforts with the university and it enables us to better live into our values of love, empathy and respect.


Dean E. Wendt, Dean

Camille P. O’Bryant, Associate Dean for Student Success, Welfare, Diversity and Inclusion


Image of Bailey College Diversity Action Plan documentView or download the Bailey College Diversity Action Plan.

View the Cal Poly Diversity Statement.
View Cal Poly's Strategic Plan.

The Bailey College Inclusion and Equity Committee (IDEAS)
Learn about the committee's vision, mission, values and objectives.

The Bailey College Inclusion and Equity Fund
Learn about and apply for available funding to support important learning and work associated with equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice.

Bailey College Peer Mentors
Learn about the Bailey College's peer mentoring program in which students are paired with someone invested in their success.

Bailey College Student DEI Resources
Connect to resources on and off campus with helpful info on inclusive opportunities related to scholarships, research, teaching and volunteering.

Cal Poly's Office of University Diversity and Inclusion (OUDI)
Learn about campuswide resources and objectives related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Bias Incident Reporting
Learn about how the campus Bias Incident Reporting Team serves and supports Cal Poly students, faculty and staff in an effort to empower a positive learning and working community.

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