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Chemistry & Biochemistry Research

Cell-Free Protein Synthesis: A Platform Techology for Education
Students: W.Y. Kao, N.E. Gregorio, C.M. Hight
Faculty: J.P. Oza

Elucidating structure-function relationships of the human protein kinase MEK1
Students: R.T. Lee, L.M. Ravatt, C.E. Runco, E.J. Vojvoda
Faculty: J. Oza

Investigation of 4 4-Disubstituted Cyclohexanone Derivatives as Potential Treatments for Multi-Drug Resistant Malaria
Students: K. Fitzsimmons, N. Sienko, B. Nguyen, J. Law, A. Manjunath
Faculty: S. Eagon

Synthesis of 2-Aminooxazole Inhibitors of Kinase STK-16
Students: A. Manjunath, D. Liyanage, R. Schioldager
Faculty: S. Eagon

Synthesis of Benzoxazole Inhibitors of Kinase CK2
Students: B. Popa, N. Soderberg, E. Schwegman, D. Liyanage
Faculty: S. Eagon

Using "Click" Chemistry to Bio-functionalize Polymers
Students: A. Le, J. Zweng
Faculty: J. Oza

Preparation of Amphiphilic Cyclodextrin Bilayer Vesicles for Pharmaceutical Applications
Students: K. Frischkorn
Faculty: S. Ward

A Comparative Study of Osmolyte Effects on the Thermal Stabilities of TNF and CRP
Students: K., Kim, R., Takahashi, E., Lindahl, R., Younger, S., Baghdoyan, B., Panchal, S.P.
Faculty: Wilkinson

Biochemical Characterization of MarR and TetR Proteins from [[Clostridium difficile]]
Students: R. Takahashi, B. Panchal, K. Kim
Faculty: S.P. Wilkinson

Determination of the Solubility Behavior of Cyanuric Acid in Water
Students: C. Lehr, D. Sandborn
Faculty: S. Bartoloni

Enhanced Detection of Coating Aging Mechanisms Using Core/Shell Quantum Dots
Students: R. Thai, W. Thompson, A. Trinchi, I. Cole
Faculty: E. Sapper

Characterization of Benastatin Gene Knockouts in [[Streptomyces]] Bacteria
Students: O. Ritchie
Faculty: K. Watts

Behavioral changes in a pig model of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.
Students: H. Onat, N. Zeltser, R. Manjarin
Faculty: M. Maj

Elucidating structure-function relationships of the human protein kinase MEK1
Students: L.M. Ravatt
Faculty: J. Oza

Antimicrobial activity of [[Umbellularia californica]] leaf extracts
Students: N. Lukasko, J. Yost, J. Carroll
Faculty: A. Yep

Antibacterial activity of [[Mimulus aurantiacus ]]aerial parts
Students: J. Inman, N. Lukasko, J. Yost, J. Carroll
Faculty: A. Yep

Lateral Flow Immunoassays: From the Pregnancy Test to Diagnosing Cerebrospinal Fluid Leaks
Students: E.B. Strong, A.W. Martinez
Faculty: N.W. Martinez

Stabilization of electronic transitions in cobalt(III) [[tris]]dithiocarboxylate complexes
Students: S. Heinrich, M. Mattison
Faculty: D. Zigler

Investigation of Fermentation Kinetics
Students: D. Valdez, N. Koen, C. Leary
Faculty: M. Heying

Osmolyte-Mediated Stabilization of Serum Glutamate Oxaloacetate Transaminase and Horseradish Peroxidase
Students: S.A. Baghdoyan, B.R. Panchal, J. Torgerson
Faculty: S.P. Wilkinson

The Preparation of Novel Indole-Based Small Molecules for the Modulation of Bacterial Biofilm Production
Students: C. Hasselbrink, B. Arellano, A. Faron, A. Gandler, M. Porter, A. Clewis, A. Disney, K. Negri, A. Prosser, E. Sapper
Faculty: K. Meisenheimer

Latex Associate Thickener and Surfactant Interactions and their Effects on Coating Film Properties
Students: D. Chisholm
Faculty: R. Fernando

Seasonal Effects on Organic Aerosol Composition in San Luis Obispo
Students: S. King
Faculty: M. Zoerb

[[In Vivo]] Expression of Phosphorylated Reflectin: Production of Intractable Proteins Through Novel Biotechnologies
Students: D. Sanderson, L. Williams
Faculty: J. Oza

Functional Polymers Utilizing Surface Tension Differential Driven Flow
Students: Veera Panova, Ethan Kim, Gilbert Caraveo, Fangyou Xie
Faculty: Dr. Erik Sapper

Internally Constrained Cyclophenylene Macrocycles
Students: S. Vansdadia, S. Dutta, Z. Shermann, A. Griffin
Faculty: D. Frantz

Water Desalination via Screen Printed Liquid Crystal-Carbon Nanotube Composite Membranes
Students: Dom Porcincula, Miranda Miao, Jose Figueroa, Alex Madriz, Zach Pennewell
Faculty: Shanju Zhang

Mutli-Objective Fitness Functions for Autonomous Polymer Discovery
Students: M. Schultz
Faculty: E. Sapper

Incorporating Material Failure Data into the Algorithmic Discovery of New Polymers
Students: T. Safford
Faculty: E. Sapper

Named Entity Recognition and Visualization for Coatings Formulations
Students: Madeleine Hummel, Dom Porcincula
Faculty: Erik Sapper

Surface Modification of Polyurethane-Urea Elastomers with Colloidal Gold Nanoparticles
Students: K. Aidukas, D. Bilger
Faculty: S. Zhang

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