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Kinesiology & Public Health Research

Feasibility of a randomized trial examining effects of oral consumption of bisphenol A on type 2 diabetes risk markers in adults
Students: S. Stanelle, A. Bird, L. Mosesian, G. Grant, J. Pollard, E. Uribe, D. Williams, A. Schaffner, S. Phelan
Faculty: T. Hagobian

Comparing hip and wrist accelerometer estimates of moderate-vigorous physical activity across activity domains
Students: M.M. Takeda., J. Martinez
Faculty: S.K. Keadle

Experiences of High School Officials in the United States: A Gendered Perspective
Students: K. Hayek, E. Holt, J. Riggs
Faculty: S. Maurice

Injured Athletes' Perceptions on Coach Provided Social Support
Students: S. Holder, J. Zuck, A. Gironda, R. Rigopoulos
Faculty: S. Maurice

Charity-based incentives to promote physical activity among young cancer survivors: A Pilot Study
Students: L. Meuter, G. Jee, A. Bush, D. Stanback
Faculty: S. Keadle

Parent Technological Distraction Parent-Child Interaction Quality and Child Outcomes: A Systematic Review
Students: J. Levy, S. Sheeper, A. Ventura, PhD
Faculty: CLEC

Exploring Correlates of Infant Clarity of Cues During Feeding Interactions
Students: S. Sheeper, J. Levy, A.K. Ventura, PhD
Faculty: CLEC

Debriefing in Applied Sport Psychology
Students: M. Searle, J. Brauer, S. Garcia, C. Christopher
Faculty: S. Maurice

Baseline Predictors of Steps Among Young Adult Cancer Survivors
Students: A. Kuntz, C. Haas, K. O'Connell
Faculty: S.K. Keadle

Feeding to soothe behaviors and child risk of obesity
Students: S. Gomez-Rubalcava, N. Alarcon, A. Quintana Diaz, A. Ventura
Faculty: S. Phelan

Validation of Activity Monitors in Classifying Sedentary Behavior
Students: J. Martinez, M. Takeda, M. Long, M. Nelson, R. Barnett
Faculty: S. Keadle

Oral Health for Kids
Students: E. Scudero, A. Helle, V. Mariscal, A. Mercado, N. Fardanesh, M. Tseng
Faculty: S. Phelan

The Role of the Built Environment as an Intervention Moderator
Students: Kaitlin Stabbert, Russell White, Maria Legato, Adilene Quintana-Diaz, Noemi Alarcon, Adrian Mercado, Todd Hagobian
Faculty: Suzanne Phelan

Potential physiological parameters associated with post-paddling breath hold capacity in surfers
Students: A. Denny, S. Ladd, K. Groseclose, D. Jones, C. Colladay
Faculty: C. Greever

Development and Testing of Immersive Virtual Reality Videos to Promote Bystander Intervention in College Students
Students: M. Mejia, M. Katague, C. Dicker, C.L. Hackman
Faculty: J. Werner

Implications of Infant Feedings
Students: E. Abluton, S. Hernandez
Faculty: A. Ventura

Investigating Perceptions of Sexual Assault and Associated Consequences among LGBTQ+ College Students
Students: S.K. Renteria, E.R. Wedell, N.M. Johnson, C.L. Hackman
Faculty: J.N. Bettergarcia

Redevelopment and Testing of an Integrated Behavioral Model-based Scale to Predict Bystander Intervention Intention and Behavior
Students: A. Castle, M. Katague, C. Hackman, S. Rush
Faculty: P. Branscum

An Examination of LGBTQ+ Students? Experiences on College Campuses
Students: A. Simmons, S. Ramrakhiani PhD
Faculty: C. Hackman PhD

Predicting sedentary behaviour from a wrist-worn monitor using machine learning classifiers.
Students: G. Moir, H. Schumann, Y. Mehra, A. Rose, J. Martinez, M. Takeda, A. Dekhtyar, D. Sun
Faculty: S. Keadle

Development and Testing of Social Marketing Messages to Promote Bystander Intervention Intention and Behavior
Students: M. Katague, M. Mejia, V. Ladwig, A. Castle, C. Dicker, C.L. Hackman
Faculty: J. Alber

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