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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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Frost Scholarships

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Scholarships of up to $80,000 — $20,000 a year for four years — are offered to outstanding students applying for degree programs in biological sciences, marine science, microbiology, chemistry, biochemistry, mathematics, physics and statistics.

Frost Scholars must be full-time students (at least 36 quarter units a year at Cal Poly) and maintain a grade point average in the top 50 percent of students in the College of Science and Mathematics.

Frost Scholars are strongly encouraged to participate in the Frost Undergraduate Research Program and to graduate in four years with immediate plans for graduate school, professional school or employment.

Scholarship recipients will be assigned a faculty advisor. with whom they will meet quarterly. Students can switch advisors as they work with different faculty members in coursework or research. The College of Science and Mathematics also has a well-staffed Advising Center for general academic advising, comprehensive advising for the health professions and initial advising for graduate school. Additionally, Frost Scholars are expected to meet at least twice a year with the director of the Frost Fund.

For more information, visit the Frost Scholarship FAQ page.

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