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Statistics Research

Analysis of Outcome Measures for Martha's Place San Luis Obispo
Students: G. Ilenstine
Faculty: R. Ottesen

Feasibility of a randomized trial examining effects of oral consumption of bisphenol A on type 2 diabetes risk markers in adults
Students: S. Stanelle, A. Bird, L. Mosesian, G. Grant, J. Pollard, E. Uribe, D. Williams
Faculty: T. Hagobian, A. Schaffner, S. Phelan

Exploratory Data Analysis Shiny App
Students: I. Kamrath
Faculty: H. Glanz

Symbulate - Simulation in the Language of Probability
Students: R. Cenon, H. Liu,
Faculty: D. Sun, K. Ross

Classifying Farmers Markets as Temporary Business Clusters
Students: J. Kaspar, M. Kasai, A. Deif
Faculty: H. Smith

Survival Analysis of Questions Posted on the iFixit Answers Forum
Students: L. Oshita, A. Pileggi
Faculty: S. Pileggi

Assessing Learning And Retention Of Statistical Concepts After Completing A Post-Secondary Introductory Statistics Course
Students: Stephanie Mendoza
Faculty: Dr. Beth Chance

Experiences Volunteering for Data for Democracy
Students: Bruce Rowan

Socioeconomic Factors Associated with the Food Insecurity of Malawian Pregnant Women with Moderate Malnutrition
Students: M. Welther, M. Fishler
Faculty: P. Papathakis, A. Schaffner

Statistical Machine Translation Almost From Scratch in Python
Students: C. Liou
Faculty: R. Ottesen

DataCamp: An Interactive Learning Tool for Programming
Students: Tessa McDonnel
Faculty: Dr. Shannon Pileggi

Predicting sedentary behaviour from a wrist-worn monitor using machine learning classifiers.
Students: G. Moir, H. Schumann, Y. Mehra, A. Rose, J. Martinez, M. Takeda
Faculty: S. Keadle, D. Sun, A. Dekhtyar

Statistical Research with the San Luis Obispo Behavioral Health Department
Students: J. Teagarden
Faculty: R. Ottesen

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