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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Cutting-Edge Facilities in the Bailey College

Frost Center aerial view

Many Bailey College Spaces for Learn by Doing, Research and Outreach


William and Linda Frost Center for
Research and Innovation

Frost Center south view
Completed in May 2023, the Frost Center commands a striking presence on campus with its award-winning design that has created the ideal environment for exceptional research, innovation and collaboration. Every aspect of this new facility activates exciting opportunities for hands-on Learn by Doing, meaningful Teacher-Scholar interactions, industry partnerships and unlimited discoveries that benefit our communities, state and beyond. See more about the Frost Center.

Warren J. Baker Center for
Science and Mathematics

Baker Center

The Baker Center is located at the heart of campus to powerfully symbolize the central nature of science and mathematics in the university's polytechnic curriculum. Every Cal Poly student will take a class in the 189,000-square-foot building, and many will spend a significant portion of their academic careers there.

Learn by Doing has been designed into the building. Ample study spaces encourage teamwork and close student-faculty interaction, advanced instrumentation rarely available to undergraduates fills the labs, and studio classrooms integrate lecture and lab, allowing students to actively discover science.
See more about the Baker Center.

Cal Poly Pier in Avila Beach

Cal Poly Pier in Avila

Though the Cal Poly Pier is located in the Pacific Ocean, it is part of the university's campus. At 3,000 feet long, the Avila Beach facility is 11 miles from the San Luis Obispo campus and provides students, faculty and researchers with unrivaled access to the marine environment of the Central Coast. The station is part of Cal Poly's Center for Coastal Marine Sciences and includes a classroom/ dry lab, conference room, flowing seawater system with wet-lab and aquarium space. The scientific diving and boating programs further expand access onto and under the water. At the pier, onsite monitoring instruments such as a meteorological station and an automated water column profiler provide real-time data used by student researchers. Bailey College outreach programs and events often use the pier to educate and inspire future marine science researchers. See more about the Cal Poly Pier.

Cal Poly Plant Conservatory

Cal Poly Plant Conservatory
The Cal Poly Plant Conservatory is a large glasshouse facility located in the center of the Cal Poly campus. The primary mission of the Cal Poly Plant Conservatory is to maintain a diverse, well-documented, and accurately labeled living plant collection supporting and enhancing teaching and research for the faculty and students of Cal Poly. A secondary goal of the Conservatory is to help foster education about plant biology and the conservation of rare species through the support of community outreach programs. The conservatory’s greenhouses showcase three distinct growing environments: the warm tropics; a cloud forest; and desert climate. In addition, there is dedicated space for experimental research for urban planning.
See more about the Plant Conservatory.
Watch the video, "
Cal Poly's Secret Jungle: Plant Conservatory Tour."

Research Spaces on Campus and Beyond

Bailey College researchers at McMurdo Station Antartictica
Our student and faculty research happens in a variety of spaces — not only in labs and not only on campus — as shown in this BCSM Spaces photo gallery page.

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