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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

Undergraduate Research Magazine

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Student Research

Cal Poly marine science student researchersMore than 1,200 undergraduate students engage in faculty-mentored research annually.

In the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics, students learn and work side-by-side with professors in their research labs. Student researchers get hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment, laboratory spaces and methodology. And they discover answers to real-world questions.

Current students can learn more about research opportunities by contacting individual faculty members. Additional opportunities and information are available from the Office of Student Research.

The Bailey College hosts its annual Student Research Conference each spring. Learn more at

Visit our Cutting-Edge Facilities page to learn more about the exceptional spaces for research, discovery and innovation in the Bailey College.

Real-World Research Experience

STudent testimonial

Allison Hacker

"While researching in a graduate lab the summer after my third year, I noticed that my training at Cal Poly had prepared me better for real-world research than any other undergraduate university could have."

-Allison Hacker, Chemistry Major

Close Relationships

The student to faculty mentor ratio is 16:1

1Our community of undergraduate researchers operate in small groups with faculty mentors. They get to know their research advisors personally. Our faculty members take a genuine interest in each and every student.


undergraduate researchers Receive $1.4 million annually

$1.2 millionThanks to the Frost Fund and faculty grants, more than 1,200 undergraduate students are paid for their research work annually. Students can also earn credit for independent research. 

Frost Summer Undergraduate Research Program

More than 400 students engage in full-time research

During the summer our students and faculty have more time to focus on our signature Learn by Doing approach. Research stipends allow students to do research full-time. In our premium lab spaces and extensive field research sites, more than 400 students explore and discover every summer.

Professional Experience

Students are career ready day one

Research Publications by Students and Faculty in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

(Totals from optional self-reporting. Actual totals likely higher.)


Quick Facts about the Bailey College

Bailey College Facts and Figures flyer View or download this Facts and Figures flyer to see data and learn more about research, mentorship, funding and student academic success in the Bailey College.

Recent Undergraduate Research Projects by Department

Our undergraduates work on real-world research that makes a difference in the world. Follow the links below to see some of their research projects.

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