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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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Website Update

Committee for Inclusion and Equity

The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics Committee for Inclusion and Equity was formed in spring quarter 2018. The information on this webpage provides an overview of the strategic direction the committee has identified to help us work collectively and collaboratively to ensure that we are creating an environment in which all members of the college community can be successful.


The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics strives to empower all students, faculty, and staff to succeed in a diverse and inclusive community that values respect, equity and social justice.


Our mission is to create an inclusive and equitable college culture by addressing policies and practices that are barriers to success


We embrace the following IDEAS as we establish pathways of success for all members of our Cal Poly community.

 Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access, Social Justice


The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics works toward inclusion by creating learning environments that are characterized by mutual respect, careful listening and learning from each other, and acknowledgment that everyone's participation is important.


The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics works toward creating learning environments that allow for meaningful development of self-awareness, knowledge, and skills, as well as attention to others who may have experiences, worldviews, and values that are different from their own.


The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics works toward equity by providing historically marginalized groups access, participation, resources, and the tools necessary to attain academic achievement and success as readily as their more privileged counterparts.


The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics committee for inclusion and equity works toward access by recognizing that there are historical and structural inequities that often result in gaps in opportunity. The committee’s vision, mission, and objectives are to increase awareness of such inequities and work collaboratively among faculty, students and staff to provide opportunities for success.

Social Justice

The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics acknowledges that inequities in higher education are reflective of broader ideological beliefs, institutional policies, and everyday practices. Our college works to advance justice-oriented theories, policy, and action that promote social change.

Inclusion and Equity Fund

During academic year 2019-20, the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics established an inclusion and equity fund to support the objectives of the Bailey College Committee for Inclusion and Equity.  

Funding continues to be available each year to support important learning and work associated with equity, inclusion, diversity and social justice! 

 The fund provides support for events or activities that fulfill the mission, vision, and objectives of the Bailey College Inclusion and Equity Committee.  


  1. Ensure that all members of the college community are educated and informed of our committee’s initiatives.
  2. Ensure that the Bailey College has policies and procedures that facilitate equity and inclusion.
  3. Provide guidance and resources for faculty to promote and develop culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogy and curriculum.
  4. Create a college community where all students, faculty and staff feel a sense of belonging.
  5. Create a college culture in which faculty, staff, and students are committed to actively supporting diversity, equity and inclusion on campus and in their fields.
  6. Identify, share and promote professional development opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

Current Members of the Committee

(Updated October 9, 2023)

Daniel Almeida School of Education
Olga Carvallo Biological Sciences
Crystal Castillo Biological Sciences
Bowie Cowan Public Health
Rhianna Duri Public Health
Cindy De La Torre Biological Sciences
Drea Diaz Biological Sciences
Elena Dimitrova


Lauren Honold

Biological Sciences

Daniela Houser Biological Sciences
Kris Jankovitz Kinesiology and Public Health
Jin Ko


Gita Kolluru Biological Sciences
Olivia Labastida

Credential Program

Gaurav Mandal

Public Health

David Mitchell Liberal Studies, Physics
Arushi Mittal

Biological Sciences

Alonzo Morales Physics
Nisa Morey Chemistry and Biochemistry
Maya Netto Biological Sciences
Camille O’Bryant (committee co-chair)

Dean's Office

Jett Palmer Statistics
Bianca Petalver Biochemistry
Emily Prince

Biological Sciences

Qutaibah Oudat Kinesiology and Public Health
Mohnish Rana Kinesiology
Zoe Rehnberg Statistics
Vidya Schalk Chemistry and Biochemistry
Rabia Shahbaz School of Education
Nancy Stauch Liberal Studies
Eileen Odanaka Vavra Dean's Office
Anthony Williams Biological Sciences

Alejandra Yep (committee co-chair)

Biological Sciences

Image of Bailey College Diversity Action Plan documentView or download the Bailey College Diversity Action Plan.

View the Cal Poly Diversity Statement.
View Cal Poly's Strategic Plan.

Visit the home page for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics.

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