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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

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School of Education Research

Self-Management: Improving On-Task Behaviors for a Student with Autism and ADHD
Students: J. Woodhull, S. Phillips
Faculty: S. Crutchfield

Self- Monitoring & ADHD
Students: A. Ferrand, S. Green
Faculty: S. Crutchfield

Reducing Restrictive and Repetitive Behaviors Through Self-Monitoring for a Student with Autism
Students: L. Pimentel
Faculty: J. Sanchez

Vocabulary Acquisition for Emergent Bilinguals in Special Education
Students: A. Villegas, E. Berk
Faculty: L. Wood

Self-Management Package to Improve Time On-Task for an Elementary Student with Autism
Students: Emily McNamara, Kristen Williams
Faculty: Leah Wood Ph. D

The Effects of a Social Skills Instructional Package on Conversational Skills for an Adolescent with Autism
Students: R. Slone, J. Fortnum
Faculty: S. Crutchfield

The Effects of Using Self-Monitoring to Increase On-Topic Conversation for an Upper Elementary Male with Autism
Students: K. Pecyna, B. Swain
Faculty: L. Wood

A Multimedia Intervention with Embedded Visual Supports to Promote On-Task Behavior
Students: S. Furtado, S. Kauffman
Faculty: S. Crutchfield

Video Self-Modeling & Appropriate Social Interactions
Students: M. Nguyen, L. Tiethof
Faculty: L. Wood

Visual Supports: An Intervention to Increase Engagement of a Kindergarten Student with Autism
Students: A. Perez, S. Derickson
Faculty: S. Crutchfield

Engaging middle school students in STEM topics through videos of real Cal Poly research
Students: R. Immel, G. Gullen, A. Flamenco, E. Weitzner, H. Liwanag
Faculty: E. Keeling

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