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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Supporting the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

How You Can Help

Make a gift to the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics to support:

  • Student-Faculty Research: Students work closely with faculty mentors on ongoing, real-world research projects.
  • Student Travel to Professional Conferences: Undergraduates present their research at national and international conferences alongside professional scientists and co-author articles in peer-reviewed journals.
  • Equipment, Technology and Facilities: Access to cutting-edge facilities and equipment prepares students to be leaders in their field, while also expanding possibilities for innovative projects and interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Scholarships: We can continue to attract top-notch students, especially from underrepresented backgrounds, by offering merit or need-based scholarships.
  • Endowed Professorships: Endowed professorships help attract and retain outstanding faculty and allow academic programs to offer areas of study that would otherwise be unavailable.

Give Online to the College of Science and Mathematics

stock image. Student in a classroom environment.

It's more than our motto. It is the foundation of education in Cal Poly and the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics. It's what you experienced here, what you value in the Cal Poly alumni you've hired or the industry partnerships you've established on campus.

It means bright, motivated students working closely with dedicated professors, doing in the laboratories and community what they study in the classroom. It is hands-on experience in real-world research that gives students the skills and confidence to become leaders in science, education, industry and medicine. It is the reason the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics students thrive in this increasingly scientific and technological world.

We need your help to continue providing these Learn by Doing opportunities. Your support makes a tremendous difference to the next generation of scientists, medical professionals, teachers and industry leaders.


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