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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Supporting the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Cal Poly students doing seawater research at Cal Poly Pier How You Can Help

Give Now buttonBailey College graduates go on to save lives, solve problems, educate others and better their community, state and beyond — all with innovation, creativity, passion and compassion. Consider how you can help make that happen and create meaningful impact!

Make a gift to the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics to support:

Bailey College Learn by Doing Fund

Custom-designed experiences, groundbreaking research concepts,
first-time conference travel, faculty mentorship — these are the types
of exceptional activities that have and will continue to change lives
and careers. These powerful and transformative experiences require
exceptional resources.

The Bailey College Learn by Doing Fund will enhance an active,
practical and hands-on education by creating high-impact experiences
and opportunities that directly support student success.

Your gift to the Bailey College Learn by Doing Fund will support:

  • Student-led events, seminars and workshops
  • Student travel to professional conferences
  • Scholarships and stipends for students to participate in undergraduate research
  • Study abroad and other impactful experiences
  • Faculty and student scholarship
  • Community building
  • Access to cutting-edge facilities and equipment, helping students to be leaders in their field, while also expanding possibilities for innovative projects and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Donors to the Bailey College Learn by Doing Fund will receive annual updates on your gift’s impact on our students and the college.



Bailey College Undergraduate Research Fund

Undergraduate research defines the student and faculty experience in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics. This formative teacher-scholar dynamic provides valuable co-curricular opportunities along with critical hands-on skills that make students more competitive post-graduation. That is the essence of Learn by Doing.

Undergraduates who participate in research develop close mentor/mentee relationships and become part of communities with lifelong personal and professional connections.

All students and faculty who wish to participate in undergraduate research should be able to do so. This requires funding to provide students stipends or an hourly wage, ensuring that the opportunity is available to all deserving students, irregardless of their financial status. Funding also ensures that faculty have a sustainable pathway for their research with students, allowing them to focus on teaching with research as an extension of the classroom.


Philip and Christina Bailey Endowment Fund for Cal Poly Students

The establishment of this endowment was inspired by the Baileys' firsthand and rewarding experiences with providing financial and emotional support to Cal Poly students in need. The endowment supports opportunities for students that may not be easily affordable but can truly make a difference in their lives. This can include:
  • Emergency funding through Cal Poly Cares
  • Study abroad
  • Undergraduate research participation
  • Other high impact experiences that contribute to student success


Christina Bailey Cal Poly Scholars Fund

The Cal Poly Scholars program aims to recruit and retain high-achieving students from California with financial need. A large percentage of students in this program are first-generation college students. This is the university's priority initiative, and as such, gifts over $2,500 are matched in full by Cal Poly. The Christina Bailey Cal Poly Scholars Fund supports chemistry or biochemistry students with financial need and who are eligible for the Cal Poly Scholars program.
The program provides:
  • An annual scholarship that covers tuition and fees
  • Two-year living-learning community
  • Intentional workshops and advising support
  • Mentorship
  • Technology package credit


Department and Center Support

  • Biological Sciences Department
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry Department
  • Kinesiology and Public Health Department
  • Liberal Studies Department
  • Mathematics Department
  • Physics Department
  • School of Education
  • Statistics Department
  • Cal Poly Plant Conservatory Fund
  • Center for Coastal Marine Sciences
  • Center for Excellence in STEM Education
  • Kenneth N. Edwards Western Coatings Technology Center Fund for Excellence
  • Center for Health Research

Directly support a Bailey College Department or Center of your choice!



It's more than our motto. It is the foundation of education in Cal Poly and the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics. It's what you experienced here, what you value in the Cal Poly alumni you've hired or the industry partnerships you've established on campus.

It means bright, motivated students working closely with dedicated professors, doing in the laboratories and community what they study in the classroom. It is hands-on experience in real-world research that gives students the skills and confidence to become leaders in science, education, industry and medicine. It is the reason the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics students thrive in this increasingly scientific and technological world.

We need your help to continue providing these Learn by Doing opportunities. Your support makes a tremendous difference to the next generation of scientists, medical professionals, teachers and industry leaders.

Questions or Requests?

Feel free to connect with us with any questions, ideas or requests!

Morgen Marshall
Senior Director of Advancement and External Relations
805-234-5982  |

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