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Physics Research

Swimming of Biological Filamentous Microorganisms in Quasi-2D Membranes
Students: C. Alas
Faculty: T. Kuriabova

Construction of a system for electrical measurements under variable temperature and magnetic field from 77 to 500 K and 0 to 1 T
Students: Roger Dorris, Juan Tolento
Faculty: Matt Beekman

Drivers of temperature variability in a small coastal embayment
Students: T. Ellis
Faculty: R. Walter

X-ray-Optical Centroids of BCGs: Are the BCG host clusters disturbed or undisturbed?
Students: Matthew A. Salinas
Faculty: Dr. L. O. V. Edwards

Evaluation of feedback systems for the High Luminosity Large Hadron Collider
Students: B. Miller, J. Wacther
Faculty: T. Mastoridis

Memory in a Contact Line
Students: A. McGuckin, J. A. Ortiz Salazar, A. Profeta
Faculty: N. Keim

The influence of a rocky reef and giant kelp on the cross-shelf propagation of nearshore internal bores
Students: E. Rainville
Faculty: R.K. Walter

The Origin of Stars in Brightest Cluster Galaxies: Measuring the Distribution of Ages and Metallicities
Students: P.E. West
Faculty: Dr. L.O.V. Edwards

An Attempt to Understand the Anomalous Quasi-Biennial Oscillation Behavior in 2015/16
Students: D. Swanson
Faculty: R. Echols

Carbon Foam from Cake
Students: L. Mountain-Tuller, N. Heston, P. Schwartz
Faculty: N. Glazar

Identifying Structural Features in Amorphous Solids through Deep Learning
Students: D. Loveland
Faculty: N. Keim

Method of Four Coefficients in the Presence of Multiple Carrier Scattering Mechanisms
Students: T.M. Linker
Faculty: M. Beekeman

Solar Electricity - Cooking Lighting and Appliances for the Global Poor
Students: M. Walker, G. Gius, E. Stine, T. Abbott, L. Kregness, P. Schwartz
Faculty: N. Heston

Modelling ANITA's Efficiency to Trigger on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet Pulser
Students: Jaxon Stuhr
Faculty: Stephanie Wissel

Measuring Black Hole Masses in Active Galaxies using Time Resolved Observations with the 1m Nickel Telescope of Lick Observatory
Students: C. Spencer, E. Glad, P. West, T. Gibson, M. Ross, the SAMP team
Faculty: Dr. Vardha N. Bennert

Pulsed Electric Fields as a Method of Algal Lysis for Biofuel Applications
Students: F. Alzammar, K. Kohlsaat, T. Nim, J. Kim, J. Iourovitski, L. Ramirez, L. Kameny, E. Keeling, J. Fernsler
Faculty: D. Arakaki

Developing a rheometer for use in active suspensions
Students: B. Kauffman, A. Medina
Faculty: N. Keim

Structure and Thermal Expansion in Na-filled $Si_{136}$ Clathrates
Students: Glenn S. Lee, Michael Troesch
Faculty: Matt Beekman

Psuedo Power-Law Statistics in a Disordered Solid
Students: Jacob Hass
Faculty: N. Keim

Measuring information density of a 2D solid
Students: B. Kroger
Faculty: N. Keim

Stellar Kinematics and Population Analysis of Bright Cluster Galaxies
Students: S. Stanley
Faculty: L.O.V. Edwards

A $nu_tau$ View of Cosmic Particles at High Altitudes and Low Frequencies
Students: Z. Riesen
Faculty: S. Wissel

Modeling Light Profiles of Galaxies
Students: S. Philliber
Faculty: L. O. V. Edwards

Using photovoltaic power in a low-cost thermoelectric cooling refrigerator
Students: A. Ali, N. Crawford, P. Schwartz
Faculty: N. Heston

Seismic characterization of an ultra-low velocity zone at earth's core-mantle boundary beneath Mexico
Students: S. Ford
Faculty: J. Jasbinsek

Detecting the Highest Energy Neutrinos with the Askaryan Radio Array
Students: K. Lamy
Faculty: S. Wissel

Lorentz-Violating Gravitational Potentials
Students: Frank Gonzalez
Faculty: Dr. Matthew Mewes

Optimization of ARA Antennas with Genetic Algorithms
Students: C. Harris, L. Letwin, J. Trevithick, K. Carter, D. Arakaki
Faculty: S. Wissel

Optimizing Cal Poly's Cold Atom Optical Trap Setup for Future Quantum Computing
Students: Alexandra Crawford, Sergio Aguayo, Justin Jee, Katharina Gillen
Faculty: Glen Gillen

Improving ANITA Event Reconstruction Using the Sun
Students: Jeanette Smit
Faculty: Stephanie Wissel

Characterizing surfactant monolayer properties using Brewster angle microscopy
Students: B. Hummel, R. Lau
Faculty: J. Fernsler

Mountaintop Neutrino Detection: a $nu_tau$ concept
Students: M. Vasquez, C. Paciaroni
Faculty: S. Wissel

Monsters on a Scale: Measuring the mass of supermassive black holes in the centers of active galaxies
Students: T. Gibson, E. Glad, M. Ross, C. Spencer, P.E. West
Faculty: V. Bennert

A comparison between experimental results documenting the thermal behavior of large bimetallic shells and predictions made using the Wittrick Model
Students: J. Zuchegno, N. Heston
Faculty: M. Moelter

Solar Electricity - Cooking Lighting and Appliances for the Global Poor
Students: M. Walker, G. Gius, E. Stine, T. Abbott, L. Kregness, P. Schwartz
Faculty: N. Heston

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