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Marine Sciences Research

Drivers of temperature variability in a small coastal embayment
Students: T. Ellis
Faculty: R. Walter

Evaluating insulin-like growth factor-1 (Igf-1) as a hormonal biomarker for growth rate in Copper Rockfish ([[Sebastes caurinus]])
Students: K.L. Cordova, F.L. Glaser, N.L. Hack, M.L. Journey, E.J. Resner, K.M. Hardy, B.R. Beckman
Faculty: S.C. Lema

How do giant acorn barnacles ([[Balanus nubilus]]) maintain function of their giant muscle fibers during environmental hypoxia?
Students: M. Katz, K. Liautaud, A. Molinari, L. Levesque, K. Grady
Faculty: K. Hardy

The influence of a rocky reef and giant kelp on the cross-shelf propagation of nearshore internal bores
Students: E. Rainville
Faculty: R.K. Walter

Use of Phos-tag? labeling to identify effects of UV radiation on phosphorylation of Chk1 in the purple sea urchin [[Strongylocentrotus purpuratus]]
Students: Jessica Stewart, Yareli Alvarez, Elizabeth Hotchkiss, Johann Ayala, Grace A. Goschke
Faculty: Nikki L. Adams

A Potential New Source of Groundfish Age and Length Data
Students: Z. Kucinski, C. Skinner-Horne, G. Waltz, M. Monk
Faculty: D. Wendt

What's in a bite? Analyzing shark bite marks on northern elephant seals ([[Mirounga angustirostris]]) to provide insight into shark population dynamics
Students: G.M. Santos Elizondo, M. P. Voisinet
Faculty: H.E. Liwanag

The Effect of Food Availability on Siphon Opening in the California Mussel
Students: MK Feezell, AC Kretschmar, O Carmo, S Gonzalez, MA May, MC Vasquez, AE Todgham
Faculty: L Tomanek

The effect of [[Romaleon antennarium]] and [[Hemigrapsus oregonensis]] on [[Zostera marina]] communities in Morro Bay CA
Students: L. Silva, T. Stratton
Faculty: L. Needles

Differences in UV tolerance between intertidal and subtidal populations of the purple sea urchin [[Strongylocentrotus purpuratus]]
Students: Y. Alvarez
Faculty: N.L. Adams

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