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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Join Our Learn by Doing Community

"Best of All Worlds"

Watch a short video to hear from current students why they chose the bailey college.

Learn about what is new and exciting in the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics where we offer the best of all worlds, combining the close connectedness of a smaller institution with the abundant and first-class opportunities of a much larger institution.

The Bailey College of Science and Mathematics prides itself on a student research-intensive curriculum and a commitment to the success of each of its 2,700 students.

Learn by Doing is at the heart of all we do at Cal Poly. Whether observing dragonflies in Canada or teaching chemistry to local school children, you will apply what you learn in the classroom to real-world situations. As you do, you will learn to approach new situations with confidence and vision.

Graduates of our 12 undergraduate majors8 graduate majors, 5 post-baccalaureate credentials, 14 minors and multiple credential programs go on to earn advanced degrees, study medicine, or pursue careers in education, industry, government and business.

In the Bailey College of Science and Mathematics, you'll find: 

Close relationships with student-centered faculty members.

Cal Poly chemistry students and professor doing research in lab

Academically motivated classmates who will challenge you to learn more and think differently.

Bailey College students at student research conference


Immersion in real-world research.

Students doing seawater research at Cal Poly Pier

Day-one involvement in labs and hands-on learning.

Leading-edge equipment and instrumentation.

Facilities that combine lecture and lab for an immediate, hands-on experience of scientific concepts.

Visit our Cutting-Edge Facilities page for more info.

An ideal location that provides living laboratories for many fields of research.


Cal Poly's Bailey College of Science and Mathematics students thrive in this increasingly scientific and technological world. As a Cal Poly graduate, you will be poised to transform your world through innovative leadership in your profession and community.

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