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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Intersections Magazine - 2021

The title of the magazine, "Intersections", amongst a blurred-out nature background

Letter from the Dean

Dean Dean Wendt

Science and mathematics are inherently communal activities. The great power of these human endeavors is our accumulation of knowledge and truth over time, which comes from building on one another’s progress to move society forward and improve our quality of life. Every Nobel Prize or Fields Medal winner has built on other people’s contributions.

We encourage our students not only to do well in the world but to do good with the knowledge and skills they gain at Cal Poly. Whether advancing our fundamental knowledge about Earth or the universe or applying that knowledge, this process of discovery and innovation, in its noblest form, serves the common good.

Our understanding of the common good must be grounded in inclusion and equity. This means making our own disciplines of science and mathematics accessible and welcoming to all people, regardless of gender, racial, socioeconomic or other backgrounds. It also means ensuring that the projects we choose benefit people in greatest need and that the knowledge we produce is available to all.

I am proud of the contributions our students and alumni are making to their communities at all levels — locally, to the state of California and the nation, and even globally. They are making effective use of their ability to discover and innovate using the skills and mindset they learned right here on campus. They are learning by doing good.

And I’m grateful for your contributions to our Cal Poly community, which extends far beyond San Luis Obispo. From offering financial support, to giving guest presentations in classes, to hiring Cal Poly graduates, to bringing a Learn by Doing approach to your daily life, you continue to create and grow this community of lifelong learners, intrepid innovators and caring individuals.

The challenges presented to us at this moment in history are substantial, but when we approach, consider and solve them together, we can and do change the world for the better.



College of Science & Mathematics

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Global Community

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Putting Their Education To Use
Two Cal Poly alumni train surgeons in Ethiopia

Predicting Glacier Melt
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