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Bailey College of Science and Mathematics

Enhancing lives through learning, discovery and innovation

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Intersections Magazine - 2022

The title of the magazine, "Intersections", amongst a blurred-out nature background

Letter from the Dean

Dean Dean Wendt

In looking back at the past few years, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate the significant progress made in our work and lives. We’ve come together as a college community and are now poised to step into an exciting future for Learn by Doing. We’ve enjoyed gathering again in person for class, events, workshops, projects, extracurricular activities and more.
I’m thankful for the dedication and ongoing commitment of our faculty and staff to student success, and to their tireless work in providing our students with rich learning opportunities in science, mathematics and education even during a time that presented unforeseen and stressful circumstances.
As grateful as I am to our faculty and staff, I am also humbled by the support from alumni who give back generously in so many ways to help students and faculty thrive and pursue their passions.
I’m delighted that after years of planning, we’ll see undergraduate research expand and flourish with the launch of the William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation — providing new research space that will benefit future generations of students and faculty for decades to come.
We’re truly grateful for and honored by the generosity of the Frosts and so many others who have contributed to help establish the College of Science and Mathematics as a premier institution for undergraduate research with learning resources that are unmatched within the state and across the nation. With this incredible investment in our college, we will continue to excel and vigorously pursue knowledge and seek innovation while being mindful of how we use our expertise to impact the greater good.
In this noble pursuit, we produce graduates that are highly desirable candidates who make their mark and find reward in a wide range of careers in industry, academia, nonprofits, government and education.
As we move into this promising and bright new future, we must continue to collaborate and solve meaningful problems together as we change our communities and the world for the better.



College of Science & Mathematics

Micro and Macro

Attendees with science tattoos at the 2022 Student Research Conference2022 Student Research Conference
The conference included poster presentations, student talks on innovative and relevant research projects, and alumni mentor sessions.

Exploration and Innovation

Biological sciences student Haley Edwards examines an algae culture sample Revealing the Future of Undergraduate Research
The William and Linda Frost Center for Research and Innovation.

Algae Research and Capturing CO2
Bio student works with alumni-founded company on device to capture carbon from the atmosphere.

What is the Black Educational Experience?
Cal Poly Researchers examine eugenics, race and education.

From Deep Sky to Deep Respect
Astronomy professor earns awards and recognition.

The Search for Biodegradable Glue!
Research Team's Quest for the Perfect Diels-Alder Poised to Result in Patent.

Impact Profiles

Cal Poly Honored Alumni Dr. Roger DuncanRoger Duncan: Honored Alumni
Biology graduate is a beacon to a better way.

Distinguished Teaching and Scholarship Awards to CSM Faculty
Three faculty members recognized for quality and excellence.

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